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short stories.

Woman Comma Witch
Gone Lawn - October 2023


Of Stolen Objects & Places

September 2023


Exposition Review - April 2023 (winner of Flash 405 contest)



7x7 L.A. - August 2022

Loose-Leaf Town,

The Hunger - May 2021


The Great Bear,

perhappened mag - December 2020

November 1993,

F(r)iction - September, 2019 


Pieces of Her,

Duende - October 2018

This House is Not Mine,

Storychord - October 2017

Mail From the Person You Ate,

Hobart - September 2017

translated into Italian for Edizioni Black Coffee - October 2017

Notice of Proposed Land Use Action,
Pacifica Literary Review - November 2016

For the Dachshund Enthusiast,

Fiction Southeast - November 2016 (winner of Hell's Belle's Prize)

nonfiction + essays.


creative nonfiction.

The House Book,

Hunger Mountain - August 2022



Variant Lit - May 2022


The Back of the Cereal Box

The Normal School - March 2022


All in One Magic Soap,

Barren Magazine - May 2020


My Body is an Aquarium,

Atlas & Alice - September 2019


When Do I Tell My Partner About My Past Trauma?,

The Washington Post - August 2019


An American Shopping Cart,
museum of americana - October 2017

Milwaukee. Rust. A Baby.,

The Rumpus - July 2016

The Day I Told My Father to Shoot Himself,

Narratively - April 2016

author interviews.

Very Normal Characters, with Josh Denslow, author of Super Normal,
Split Lip - May 2024


Pregnancy as a Haunted House, with Claire Beams,, author of The Garden,
The Rumpus - April 2024


All Storytelling is Nonbinary, with Jennifer Savran Kelly,
author of Endpapers

The Rumpus - February 2023

The Crowtaganist at the End of the World, with Kira Jane Buxton, author of Hollow Kingdom
The Rumpus - August 2019

Finding Home in a Cult's Aftermath, with Ronit Plank,
author of When She Comes Back

The Rumpus - May 2021

on food + drink.

The One Thing I Knew I Would Bake With My Daughter, 

The Kitchn - October 2016


The Citron Review - October 2016

Chopped Liver & Sweet Tea,

The Kitchn - May 2016

on parenting.

Having One Child Makes Me a Better Mother,

Ravishly - March 2017

And She Walked Barefoot,

Parks and Points - January 2017

Navigating the Sleep-Deprived World of Toddler Parenthood,
The Washington Post - June 2016

Just Because it Sparkles, Doesn't Mean it's Anti-Feminist,

Ravishly - June 2016

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