I happily offer freelance editing and writing coaching to writers of all ages. As a judge for several writing contests with over 180 published pieces - nonfiction and fiction (including multiple award winning stories) - I am uniquely suited to offer help with diverse forms of writing.

  • short + long pieces

  • fiction + nonfiction

  • developmental feedback + line edits

  • copyediting + proofreading

  • general writing (editorial) consulting

  • high school + college essay editing/coaching

Rates information here.

(Offering reduced rates for Black and/or Indigenous writers.)

Please email jenniferflisscreative@gmail.com if you want to check availability or have questions.

Jen provides specific and concise feedback. She does an exceptional job at articulating her experience as the reader and offering her expertise as a professional writer. Working with Jen has improved my writing tremendously. I highly recommend her services to those looking for a professional and positive editing experience.
~ Sara Aird

Jen's edit provided enormously helpful insight, both in the line edits (which parts were vague, unclear, redundant, etc.) but for me, most importantly, overall comments about the structure of the story. She gave me not only two single spaced typed pages of notes, but also sent back my story pages in the mail for me with handwritten line edits. She went above and beyond! : She understands story and cares about giving solid ideas on how to make your story better. I found her notes encouraging, specific, and actionable. Plus, she is very easy-going and tailored her comments based on what I asked for. Ridiculously reasonable price for personal one-on-one attention! What can I say? Jen is a keeper!
~ Erin Ryan Burdette


I can't say enough good things about working with
Jennifer Fliss as an editor. She is brilliant, encouraging, careful, and thorough. Her comments are deeply insightful, and my work is far better for it.
 Joyce Polance

editing + consulting.